January 17, 1999

is this enlightenment or disintegration? derangement? i fell into a nap...

-------------------- Engine age -------

join us- become a part of th limited clinical markets- now only five miles

from statements to th press- receive complimentary copies of publishd


sleep laboratory can provide objective proof- members have access to

results from six separate socialist economies- only a rigorous program by

special envoy philip habib helps us underwrite th costs of medication-

in return you receive substantial discounts on soldiers still in beirut-

treatment conditions, however, demand that exiles continue to reinforce

their positions a few hundred yards from a military buildup...

during th first decade- after severing th road between beirut & damascus-

a few insomniacs taught @ yale drama school- earning creative vitality for

me when i was first writing...emphasis was placed on a comprehensive


of gov't withdrawal- looking to bulgaria- provided long-term


american-made clothes earning more than factories & farms- health still has

few surplus goods...th only other escape route for th educational problems


whetted almost-local appetites arrived by car- looking flushed & radiant-

he just wrote th screenplay for south of th capital & moved to th


he had cigarettes, liquor & a few invitations to effectiveness studies-

one of th more rationed items- a few woods in th mountain village pushd up


th drab austerity of earlier years has given urgency to th clinical