February 10, 1999

Wednesday th 10, 02.1999 (23h12)

mittwoch, midweek, miércoles/mercredi/mercoleddi? -mercury day?

woden/wotan's day?)

Thursday-donnerstag: thunderday (jueves: jove's day...)

vendredi- jour de venus? freitag- freeday?

sonnabend- sunday's eve- rainy days & mondays...

time. time, time/see what's become of me/ while i lookd around/for my


(& th sky/is a hazy shade of winter) -is my life over before it's begun?

i hear th crunch of approaching wheels on th dirt road- nothing, nobody...

no messages, no reply/no reply...

what was it th white rabbit kept saying? 'i'm late!'? 'i'm running late!'?

time is short, pudgy, bald...tiene q ser la luna- it must be th moon:

selene is hidden tonight & hecate rampant spits dark madness over th


closest to winter we come in these latitudes is th february new moon, wild


swirling as th cold fronts push south all th way from hudson's bay...

rumors th mercury went down to somewhere below forty degrees in maricao

last week...


two men- BARON VON FRANKENSTEIN & SHIP'S CAPTAIN- gesture angrily,

argumentatively, on deck while th whistling wind brings th mingled sound of

a distant, but fast approaching voice, singing tunelessly, off:


i found my way to winter

where my heart could make a home

my black blood will fuel th fires

my white flame will dance alone

sown up out of magic meat-

i am free! i sing & stroke!

how long am i yet to live?

i dream children out of smoke

reach yr skygod, mother earth

while i, yr only burning bush

rootless roll across yr face-

play my curse out, aimless push

...loof, d=(8{>