February 12, 1999

(-& empty arms...

go'bless th deutsche sprache, in which 'th moon'

is masculine:der mond- el luna? -el luno??

-& th sun is gendered femenine: die sonne, la sol!

lovely reversal of th conventional gender associations-

@ least for latin-derived, romance languages...)

(Wednesday th 17, 12.1997)

I can't think or run away-

th road is louder than th radio

-this off-road time machine of mine

won't hide th grey in th rearview-

th road is louder than th radio

(only christmas cards I get

are from brokerage house moneymen...

I'm nothing but a client- how much for

th little white lie of yr love?)

I can't hide so I can't stay-

there's a full moon all over th world

-tv hosts in finland & france

beam us their gameshow reminders-

there's a full moon all over th world

-shining brightly again on super bowl sunday, 1999-

& casting th clearest, sharpest moonshadows i ever remember

noticing...how bright was it? i went to take a leak

out in th yard & th stream of piss cast a shadow- *that*s how bright!

...earlier, as i began my run on th road to cibuco, i had an

unexpectedly clear view of th moon before it rose into th grey

line of clouds gathering just above th horizon-

a peachy-coral ball as big as th sun climbing out of th ocean...

...woke up on ground hog day (virgen d la candelaria bonfires in puerto


to a giant swell jumping over th seawall, spraying up to th new second


windows...& th phone out...

a week has gone by already- th half moon boat floats up @ midnight-

need to plug into a phone line somewhere to post this- san juan- caparra?

luv, d=(8{>