February 15, 1999

Monday th 15, 02.1999 (01h56)

I must've taken th wrong road- again.

(I took a lot of wrong roads today- missd th de diego expressway exit onto

route 10, th new controversial 'highway' south from arecibo to utuado...

turnd back around & paid an extra 35 cents toll to get on it instead of


going on to camuy along th coast & driving down to lares by th eastern side


lake guajataca...

then i took 111 to lares instead of staying on route 10 to adjuntas because


seemd straighter & faster- wrong again! recurrent stretches of road

narrowed to

one flimsily guarded, winding lane by unrepaired land&mudslides...)

357 out of maricao- my destination, for th final day of th coffee harvest

festival, 'el acabe dl café'- goes into 105, th panoramic route, & it's

a solid half hour of roller coaster hairpin turns- to roll into mayagüez


after midnight only to do a little unintended night tour as i momentarily


my way across town to get onto highway 2...

pepe bermúdez, you must be one hell of a driver if you do this route in


under two hours! maybe th thing is to head south on 119 to san germán...?

-even doing 70- 75 from th moment I hit th expreso in hatillo, I only got


to vega baja about twenty to two...

some nice, moody fog patches off laguna tortuguero made me wish I'd gotten


th expreso sooner- saved fifty cents toll- & taken th little road around th


manatí side of th lagoon- I love fog...(to be continued...)