March 4, 2002

amStrand: on th beach as it crumbles & is washed away...

you dreamed a far off world traveling through a winning country

to see another set of eyes sharing the web you write

you could win a free plane

to lead a city in Asifricuropica

hallo, hullo, hello justin et al-

whoops- blew th deadline.

why submit a proposal anyway? maybe as a way to integrate other projects i would hope to further in a way to reverse my tendency towards isolation by linking more actively to zinesters & online journalizers in general- exercising my dreadfully impaired capabilities for 'coherence, plausibility & vision...' (some of th other projects-

1- grow 'wanderlustmedia' into an effective (non-profit?) micro-sponsor of (alternative) art

projects that address & deal with human restlessness & boundary-testing...

2- instigate & link up a team dedicated to creating software using th b2b-supply chain model to enable & empower co-operative coffee producers to sell as directly as possible to

small roasters...) i wonder if i may end up trying 'blogger' or another available 'solution' so i have alternatives to posting & publishing if i can't connect my laptop?

another creative habit i've developed is to make small collages using free postcards-

they collect, unsent &waiting until i scan & document them...

best to ya, wish me luck...d=(8{>