March 8, 1999


(-& empty arms...

go'bless th deutsche sprache, in which 'th moon'

is masculine: der mond- el luna? -el luno??

-& th sun is gendered femenine: die sonne, la sol!

lovely reversal of th conventional gender associations-

@ least for latin-derived, romance languages...)

el LUNO la SOL


i can live with all this

gender confusion

it's just one thing more to learn

what really sucks is

a moon who's female and a sun

who has left HIS blackness

sharp like a sickle

drags the crescent moon

scarcely over summer's horizon

and when she's rising high

in a freezin' winter night

she merely recalls my childhood's nightmares

cold and malicious like a man

she spoils the pure adoration

of an innocent and starry night.

the SUN undoubtedly is the woman:

vital, round, and warm [lebensspendend, rund und warm]

and inaccessible.


only recently, when snow fell for the first time in five years,

i suddenly understood

why the sun is male down here:

with cruelty he destroyed

what the night had

tenderly sown

[grausam zerstörte sie

was die nacht

mit zarter hand gesät]