April 12, 1999

(mallarmé on th beach)

branches rub & squeak like calling birds, but

listen! waves rustle in th background & engage

th shore in bitterweet nothings. once in a while

a pebble rings as th day slumps back, ears open wide-

eyes are another matter: a question of motion set

off in dubious awareness, stumbling to light between

boundaries that test duration. th name for a sight

spins around to catch th hiding thing it came from-

it will not succeed. secure above clouds, th sky

weathers all storms...th world is shaken & refreshd

for an instant suspended out of measure, then withers

in th glare that made th life in moisture leap & shine.

th dry singsong of friction in th wind told us

th tree was dead before we reachd it. shrivelld

green fruit hang fast & thick on hollow branches-

their outline knots a tangld fan against th blue.

(vega baja, summer '85- '86?)

(th juiciest plum to ripen out of my...solipsistic formalism tendency?

-evidencing, to be perfectly honest, a fair amount of '99 revision work...

when i started th journal last summer, th first, nearly immediate shift

in attitude & focus i experienced as i sought to exercise th discipline of


public address, was away from th concrete relationship to friends of very


background, character & tastes, & th contrived perspective of constituting

& regarding

them as a more or less 'interactive' 'audience' (th 'kfeen 13')

towards spelling/spinning/spilling out context to ground th particular

emotional place

i find myself in (...also to bring to th foreground- expose & engage- th

variety of

strengths & weaknesses i am all too aware of in my writing) in th actual


environment i seem to return to again & again, exploring as thoroughly as


its metaphorical possibilities, its 'resonance'...?

risking th tightrope & temptation of solipsistic self-referentiality w/ th


grace of karl wallenda even as he fell to his death in th heart of th

tourism district,

surrounded by th condado hotels...w/ special regards to paco boyer &

heartfelt wishes

for th completion of his thesis & receiving his doctorate...

velo, d=(8{)>