April 27, 2002

full moon bright, no run.

roger daltrey's voice wrenches I'm Free! in my ear. I'm Free I'm Free

ondaroadagainnhnnnhnnnhn-ondaroadagainhnnnhnhnnhn dnnhn dnnhn

TGIF. alone again/natchurlee. talk to me. there was something you wanted to say. it's th spell of th bay, bay at th moon, moon over yr full face in wonder, no question- no answer...better. free again.

better the pressure of place or placeless than th pressure of time. better lares, lar solar: sun lot, fenced in fencer...?

no room, something happened when i was forty.

a song to see me through overfull belly numb steps. why rule? which rules? domain over hope, higher-archy

i don't get it, maybe i refuse, resist, revolt, resent, rebraid recover aid or trade in place place web as lace...

dream with me. share the dream to ground it & thicken a true foundation

love, d=(8{>