May 21, 2002

hola, alles-

shust a qwick note across miles & parsecs to thank thank all hosts of my fornicalia sojourn, generous friends & family for their wunnnerful hoss-peetal-itee...

got sickk in elLAy, cdn't help it. & my sony vaio krashed, too. adriano, don't feel guilty. all for the best, i wd hazard. a possible chilango by th name of gonzalez-ibarra is trying to recover data for me as of last sunday. called sony just before. big corporate shrug.

what else can i say. obrigado a dino- miraldino his true complete baptismal given name- for th funkiest, coolest, most affordable internet access in old san juan.

ok, nitty gritty: my *($##@!!%^& accountant still playin hide & seek w/ me- drove into SJ all for nothing today (except this long-overdue gratinuity). rescheduled for friday ten-thirty. this guy has my return for 2000, still. DEFINITELY need a new accountant.

so i'm not flyin out to frankfurt on thursday. amsterdam, probably, end of june to mid-july. so, y'all come down!!! th beach house is pretty now after a month of my lovingly compulsive half-brother & his sweetly prussian wife. seriously: grapevines sprouting, papaya trees finding their strength, clean, orderly house, seagrape trees blooming- though th fruit will not be ripe until september...

so, y're welcome alex, & wendy, & adriano, mark, diane, whoever.

bigbig hugs to all,