August 5, 1999

reiten reiten reiten

und der mut is so müde gworden und die sehnsucht so gross...


another mittwoch & no answers, one week layover(ha) in nyc to shop for

scrambling sandals, better hiking shoes/ sturdier trail running shoes, some

light raingear...all i've bought is socks & sockliners & a pair of support

orthotic pads, that's about it. not th most confident, comfortable consumer

& customer, tho i am slowly becoming an educated one ('@ sym's, an educated

consumer is our best customer')

so many little hurdles to configuring my virtual writing desk & electronic

post office- hotmail lets me save a draft to continue work- i'm still not

sure yahoo offers that possibility, excite definitely does not. but hotmail

has no easy way to copy addresses off a posting & into their address


has no way @ all except 100% manual off-my-scrap-of-paper data

i'll save this draft here (hotmail) & forward it to mself (both excite &

yahoo) to see about editing a bit ummm- tomorrow morning @ ceybercafé in

soho when i go check my compuserve account...try to attach th old kfeen

13/hebdo.amStrand friends & audience(!?) adresses & finally renew my



i was hoping to time my visit here @ cyberfeld's w/ a bite or a coffee @

'borgo antico' next door- michele maritato, co-owner & chef, had a great &

inspirational story about hiking down & back up th grand canyon (besides

zion national in utah) & th food is as good as th conversation- th night i

had dinner there, i made up for not having bn eating my greens lately: a

cold spinach & fennel soup, sauteéd dandelion greens & artichokes & grilld

calamari on arugula & white beans! hope i've got my ny friends excited

enough to go for a visit & say hi for me! all th best to all, especially my

fellow pilgrims & wanderers this extreme weather summer of '99...

lovey dovey lovey dovey all'a time...d=(8{>