August 27, 2003

hola, friends y familia-

please excuse th 'value added' partes- any of you with capital, this is where & whom i might be laying my short-to mid-term money on if i had a platform for trading at all.

pero doubt i'll be at petritxol 2, 1o 2a (00802 BCN, Catalunya, E) beyond th 2nd week of Sept...unless giuliano, who holds th lease, confirms he has th landlady's go ahead on taking down th walls & electrical rewiring he was fantazising out loud to me about...

as it is, i've blown 8 months budget in 4 months in Barcelona, haven't made it to Amsterdam as August ends, haven't been hiking, th Arles route on th Camino de Santiago requires more than 4 weeks of vigorous, 20+ km hiking a day to make it to th French side of th Pyrenees in four to five weeks...& i don't know what i'm hanging around for anymore...abrazos, d=(8{>

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

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