August 27, 1999

a flying leap to th present & a very, very slick internet cafe @ weimar

train station, maybe th only public(?)internet access in all of

thüringen? towers under th table(!) -flat screen monitors from

siemens (one of their sponsoring partners, along w/ bitburger brauerei,

consors discount broker, ecrc, msn & pioneer electronics...) -another

flat wide screen for video over th bar...espressos @ 3 marks-

not*that*bad- but quarter liters(half pints?) of sparkling mineral

water are th same price...

peter suggested i try some shop or business in town for an alternative

possible access, but it seems like a long shot to me...a likelier

option, to my mind, wd be if k-heiner can be my passport to access thru

th university...we will see...

ah, well, this cool slick place runs on windows nt, & th five terminals

for client access are linkd to their cash register & even (if i

understood right) their tv-video terminal, seemingly hardwired to

mtv-deutschland (th eagles just performd their taped reunion version of

'hotel kalifornia'...) when i first came by last wednesday, trying to

meet my self-imposed mid-week (mittwoch) newsletter deadline, their

network crashd while i waited for an available terminal...if i got th

story right, the thing runs from a local server right here in th

manager's office, but he was nowhere to be found & an hour & a half

later, when i gave up & started on my hike to buchenwald, they still

hadn't managed to raise (microsoft deutschland?)tech help on th


so this is friday afternoon, th beginning of th big goethe birthday

party, it's 3 marks every 15 minutes for access- 12dm/hour, nearly five

o'clock, peeing in my pants, spent too much time as usual doing office

work, but it may have bn work it- got a moderately organised address

book @ yahoo & i can save working drafts here, looks better

& better...if i can shake off th sheets early enough tomorrow morning,

i can try to begin filling in my narrative gaps, müunchen to

johanniskirchen to weimar...

luv, luv, luv=(8{>