August 31, 1999

did you call for me, my darling?

i mourn my loves one town, one roof @ a time

th children's circus offers its high-wire homework

one last night before th big top folds its tent

i seem to find my place only as i launch into headlong flight

weak knees screaming long after a cobblestone takeoff, my path

bobs & weaves among th shapeshifters of twilight

(th silky mane of an aloof beauty turnd away faces me as th dense beard of

an intense,

smoking charlie manson double- while i pass a fearless hedgehog momentarily

become a

crouching cat...)

weimar is royally drunk on that sparkling culture money-

leaving not th slightest laundered trace

after th last worn-out avant-garde gesture dies down in th alleys

w/ out clearly markd boundaries, it's a party for th well-off & th young-

each in their tacitly appointed quarters

from th distance of some early history

th heart of a leaning continent pumps passion into our limbs

to sing my skin awake- an ugly, catatonic prometheus, good looks

draind by th shadows of dreamless entropy

still i thank th size of life, smearing its coursing flow

far beyond my petty desires & their obscure, haphazard satisfactions...

luv, d=(8{>