August 31, 1999

lost my shape/feel like an accident

-david byrne

billy pigrim has come unstuck in time

-kurt vonnegut

what a drag it is/getting old


no man is a nomad who fails to follow th season of his flock. i lose my


my narrative drive, my focus- 'emptiness is nothing but form, form none


than emptiness':

what is spiritual, what is not? to borrow from th 'prajna paramita':

it has no legs, no tits, no ass, no dance, no kiss, no home, no force...

no company, no solitude, no skin, no flow-

no root, no flight, no net, no fall, no reach, no peace...

there seems to be no place for me in this world but six feet under

i drift my best as a restless guest, as i wander lost in lust...

no path, no exit out of myself but six feet under- it's a chore

& an overwhelming effort just to stop wishing & wishing my life away!

what'll i do/what'll i do?

i seem to be running out of time w/out ever

having gotten th hang of sex w/ somebody else-

guess i'm solo for th duration: always on th road alone again


all you need is- d=(8{>