September 3, 1999

ohhhh boy. it's been a week- & then some. realized last night i'd been

behaving as if i were joined to alex @ th hip. where do i begin?

finally hiked/ walkd into pfarrkirchen today- a roundabout way by

breitenbach & furcht (?) that made it about 15 or so kilometers- maybe


so just about ten's alex's turn to be under th weather- just


th weather clears & he gets ready to go back to hamburg w/ his new

girlfriend vanessa, who came down for a visit last thursday. we'll board


inter-city together tomorrow, i change trains for weimar @ fulda...

maybe i shd do something like a chronology...

so i took th train from amsterdam to munich on tuesday. met christopher,

alex's hometown bud & th ultimate party machine, running on coffee, beer,

cigarettes & a new infatuation every other day. in

th week & a half since i met him, i've only seen him eat once: last


when we got some pizzas to go from 'il cavallino', a kitschy-elegant

trattoria that seems to be th only restaurant among

th downtown pfarrkirchen strip of pastry shop-cafes...

i'd had half a bottle of macon for w/ a late lunch salad & cheese plate


th amsterdam train, & a tomato soup & some tortellini w/ th same canned

tomato soup for a sauce late in th evening, close to arriving in munich.

anyway, i caught th christopher bug- had a big hefe-weizen & a shot of

tequila @ a student-run bar known as 'manhattan', on top of th tallest


in th student residence compound, & got kind of chilld on th windy


looking over th town talking to amy from was nearly four in


morning by th time we arranged our sleeping places & i woke up on eclipse

wednesday, august 11, w/ a bad sore throat...nursed it w/ an


breakfast of weisswurst, pretzel & sweet mustard, then alternatively

'oohhh'd' & 'awwww'd' along w/ th gathered crowd as clouds played w/ th

visibility of th event as totality approached...