September 9, 1999

dear dear alexza,

from th charged distance our mirroring fears

have negotiated in muffled, dodging skirmishes

i cherish th memory of yr sly smirk & guarded eyes

framed by th ragged curtain of yr unruly lion's mane

in th heart of th maze of my intermittent wanderings

i hunger & thirst for news of yr own journeys-

w/ every widemouthed lungful of breath i take & give back

i want to cheer yr every embattled stride on

i will earn th right to wholly grieve & finally release

my losses by th praiseful display of glowing shadowplay tracks

yr veiled enduring pain has left across my snowy heart

th deepest well is dark & dangerous: we risk a fall

when our fascinated gaze seeks out th bottom in fear

but parched skin & throat keep th blind balance of their thirst

& th pure soothing waters th crushing mineral belly sources

are th sweetest we will ever taste

love, davidj=(8{>