September 19, 1999 an anthology film, w/ short story segments directed by different

directors. i

haven't seen it, i know raul ruiz directed one of th segments. i walkd into


restaurant last night, attracted by th front, th ambience, tho a little

afraid it might

be something of a tourist trap, being across a side street- rue de suisse-

from nice's

own church of notre dame. there*were*an awful lot of english speaking

people there,

including a tableful of young japanese women, but la patronne was friendly,

her help

was good-looking, if a bit slow, & th food was good- i also came in rather


toclosing time, so i felt i might be taking pot luck- on th contrary, it

workd to my

advantage, plat du jour for two was a 'gigolette' of lamb, & there was a

portion for me

left, so i went w/ it...wish i'd gone w/ th potage de legumes for entree

instead of th

fish soup, but flan was great,i'd bn craving some for th last

week or two-

it was big enough to make nearly a whole other meal, & i was very sorry to

find they

weren't open for lunch today, as i half-believed it wd be- not until

october rolls in,

said th note on th door...cut to th chase: they had a 'golden book'- a

scrap book w/

notes from well-wishers over th nine years they've bn in business, from

opening, thru

what seemd like a change of locale...& among these was raul ruiz's

signature & a

newspaper clipping featuring ummm whatsername, who had th leading role in


segement in 'a propos de nice'- now is that some kind of good omen or what?

a nice end

to en excruciating day- i blew my connecting train in milan by five

minutes, & instead

of finding a cafe & treating myself to breakfast (there was no meal car on

this train!)

i rushd to catch a regional train to genoa...guess what, no meal car, no in

genoa i had a double espresso & a grappa de anice- like catalan dry anis- &

what th

lady next to me calld a brioche- but looked to me like a croissant! ...i

spend th rest

of th afternoon on this milk train making absolutely all th stops along th


coast to ventimiglia & another, french mlik train making all th stops along

th cote

d'azur cursing myself for not having something more substantial to eat- no

meal cars on

either of these trains either...i think i'll be here until @ least tuesday


i had gone to paris i could've joined th techno parade- jack lang's french

love parade

clone...maybe next year...? alex? alexza? paris, september 2k??

you better find/somebody to...d=(8{>