September 26, 1999

...falling asleep in my chair- finally made it into th mediterranean sea @

about two in

th morning...still couldn't get to sleep when i got back, puttering around


half-packd travel bags...couple of nights ago, th possibility seemd to

arise w/

deceptive solidity of sharing car rental expenses w/ three guys- two scots,


englishman- on holiday from studies @ edinburgh university. an intense


pool-playing frenchman name of denys- th youngest, nice-born sibling in a

family that

moved south from outside of paris-

whetted my appetite for th hills, speaking of a canyon area in red clay

slopes to th

northeast, insisting it harbored more natural beauty than th gorges du


including th only nestings of white-collared european eagles in th

area...he was

supposd to meet us last night w/ some fresh-pickd jenepy (juniper?) from

his day hike,

but no sign of him...andrew, kris & kenny fly back to edinburgh on thursday

& andrew's

th only one who's brought his license & has had it long enough to qualify

as my

co-pilot on a rental, we've just talkd, strolld out to th

beach w/

svenja- indiana-raisd german girl who has promisd to help me translate a

classified to

place on th bauhaus-universitaet online bulletin board, offering some


incentives to a student who might think it worth his while to make an


of th old house in la guardia his diploma water was uncannily

warm. felt

as warm as puerto rico. maybe my inner heat helped. svenja is a sparklingly


no-nonsense tomboy & of course i feel like a total, drooling fool around


i hope i get some sleep on this train.

if i can't seem to find a place to stay in barcelona, i'm considering

continuing on to

galicia monday night. or i could try chus torrens in huesca, or paco simon



& yr friends, baby/they treat you like a guest/don't you want somebody