October 2, 1999

no morning pages: filld up my lined page school-type notebk &


on th shift to th big bound sketchbk...no sitting, no morning pages- lost


new two-month old timex bought @ k-mart on astor place in th

east(?)village...dove into th rough, dirty sea of th barceloneta beach @ th


of my run yesterday...'doing lunch' today w/ toni garcía-porta, co-author

of th

book source for my screenplay...our gentleman's agreement on th option for


film rights lapsd w/ th end of '98 & i'm wondering if we can move towards


starting to assume my co-producer role & finally buying these rights...

what else? it's friday. david zambrano dances this wkend, expect to go see


tomorrow. marel hasn't finishd editing her film short, she will not have a


@ my draft until november- when she will be teaching a workshop on screen

writing. recommended i reread truffaut's book-length hitchcock interview


some gems...also, jean-claude carrière, who workd w/ buñuel, has a good

book on

th craft...it took me hmm...an hour & a half of office chores, email

replys, a

peek @ some teen webcake to finally get down to writing...got claudia,

australian of chilean parentage, together w/ tiina, finnish dancer &

performance artist who just narrowly missd relocating to nyc on


woes...i may save this & do a second part tomorrow before posting- sent my

first poetic attempt in spanish off yesterday...mónica serrano & father tom

might be interested in it, too...i think twice when figuring out who speaks

what out of my friends & family, w/ having a german nephew who is more

comfortable speaking french than english by now, though th latter is his


written language (hey, hpjhD, when do we ever see each other?? newyear's



(à suivre...)

saturday th second of october.

here's a weird one: david zambrano here in barcelona hails from ecuador,


not th david zambrano from venezuela i know! two imrovisational dance

performers from different countries in south america w/ th same name??


i'll go see him perform tonight. had three fruit yogurts for a late bkfast

around noon & th sugar threw me into a candida/hypoglecimic nap...so i had


double espresso sweetened w/ anisette (more sugar!) & a croissant for

'lunch'...gonna be four o´clock: run soon, early, meet up w/ tiina by

seven-thirty for a healthy, early din(?) @ la botiga comme-bio before going

'uptown' for th show...i've got two or three drafts starting on a 'story


far' theme, as much to help me step back a bit, refocus, organize my


as to fill in people i haven't been sending every installment to on parts

of th

story they may have missd.

david sower in virginia may finally help me put up a basic webpage where i


upload my writing to an archive so that friends, family & total strangers

may @

their own leisure, in their own time, peruse my ongoing journal & as much


last year's story as i transferred from my powerbook's hardrive to my yahoo


excite accounts...

basta for now!

-what is this thing called...? davidj=(8{>