October 27, 1999

...i keep asking mself...

found a fancy restaurant specializing in undomesticated animal meat(tho these

days, it seems they mostly raise formerly wild animals, too- rather than

actually hunt them. is this better or worse, i ask myself?)

-name of 'café viena'. it had some fancy pastries including sacher torte,


but no linzer torte...well, couldn't find it in salzburg, what was i to

expect...seems as if outside of linz, th mythical dessert is to be found only

in a couple places in nyc...

spent th last two days struggling w/ archaically slow, bottlenecked servers @

universidad complutense- have bn commuting into town via la universidad every

morning w/ my cousin miguel sobrino blanco from th madrid bedroom community

suburb of alcobendas. he's something of a semiotician, teaching communication

theory & seeking to develop methodology for more correctly reading &


advertising practices scarcely recognised as such- such as point-of-sale

product blurbs, store window displays...also, th burgeoning internet, of


so i'm back to watching th clock as i write, after looking over my 'camino d

santiago' route guide last night in an attempt to check my memory for detail


start organising some kind of narrative about those most intense six days...

this is th beginning of th road back. it was a difficult decision, fueled by

possibly untrue hearsay, but i've ended up not going to galicia, not visiting

la guardia, not checking on th old family house @ all...th rumor was that my

uncles may have already found a buyer & th house is gone, gone, gone...it


difficult to show up in town after that, uncomfortable to look for a place to

stay & go over th same ol' plans & illusions i've bn talking up for th last

four, five years in response from th same ol' questions on th part of


& acquaintances of every stripe...i'm especially sorry not to have a chance


see & talk to josé fandiño, who runs th only gym in th village & has bn

unstintingly generous in welcoming me to its facilities whenever i've bn in

town...or w/ leo álvarez sousa, who has gone from trekking, oasis to oasis,


his land rover down to senegal or east into algeria, to travelling as a


volunteer to kosovo & is now in th process of producing a cd-rom w/ some of


photographs & other documents to help w/ fund-raising efforts...or w/ my


dr. kiko sobrino, who three years ago told me he had taken a risk w/ some of

his savings to help produce a friend's film...!

i'll have to make do w/ a couple of phone calls for now, & hope my plans for

next year work out...as it is, i'm on th way back to barcelona, to paris or

pisa on th way to weimar, to wolfenbuettel &/or hamburg on th way to


& nyc on th way to puerto rico...it sure is th long way home from where i'm

trying to catch my breath right now...

love to all,