November 11, 1999

jackson browne keeps 'running on empty' 'round my head...

outside my window, neighbor's canary boids trill & gurgle...

every once in a while, seagulls seem to find their way inland to join their

own cries in...

feeling run-down, low-energy- pushing mself eating a little heavy, game

stews, mushroom crèpes, alcohol...time to lighten up & go to th veggie


also, i haven't run in nearly six weeks & i miss it- today i'm passing


up hoping i'll be psyched & running by five-thirty & th twilight hour i


so much...(to be continued...)

thursday th eleventh...better, but still low on motivation- finally spoke


fernando anso & he agreed to make a small print of th picture i want for my

webpage & mail it directly to david s. in virginia...he also promisd to try

to get a hold of his friend luis in th next couple of days to see if


th big, original print is still an option...(luis' partner, josé ángel,


me they haven't yet once used their scanner!)

i'd love to stay in barcelona. i'd love to just be somewhere where i could

cook my veggies, my lentils & squash & bitter greens. i'd love to have th

strength to continue walking th camino. i'd love to gather whoever cares to

find their way to wherever i could host a banquet, every week or two...

i will/find a city/find myself a city to live in...

first we take manhattan/then/we take berlin...

you can't hurry love/no/you just have to wait...