November 24, 1999

chestnuts roasting on an open fire/jack frost nipping @ yr


well, there seems to be no street chestnut-roasting tradition in central

europe or @ least in germany or @ th very least in weimar, if i get to


erfurt i'll have a larger town to compare...maybe i missd my chance in


th cold november wind blows across th square in front of th weimar

hauptbanhof. th half-moon manages to insinuate its form thru th thin, high

cloud cover releasing flurries of dandruff-powdery snow into th evening

i find a cradling home in th chill of th fall-

back in my tropical paradise of warm indefinition

th effort of motion coats my skin in oily sweat, & coming

to a rest too easily nurtures moldy growth...

to keep th cold @ bay my fire burns cleaner, my flame shines brighter

my heat flows & radiates out thru my stinging skin & toes

to meet th winds head-on...

th bodymind learns a smoother shift of gears

& perspectives from th cycling seasons...

it's thanksgiving eve, & i believe th moon was full last night but th cloud

cover has thickened, even if there is no more snow coming down these last

couple of days, after nearly a week of a light dusting every night, @


seem to be finally getting my energy flow- ran today & in th melting slush

last monday, after only one run w/ peter on tuesday th week before, th

temperature just below freezing...

th wind has shifted to th southeast & there seems to be a warming trend in


air after an early taste of central european winter...

i may try to have some goose tomorrow...turkey's often on th menus here,


no candied yams, no cranberries, no pumpkin pie, no chestnut stuffing, no

wild rice...ayayay, yoo wood tink eye guas a gringo, gwisdis melancolía por

el pavito-taquino-pute-turkey-dinde...

japisangüibin, 1 &all!