November 28, 1999

call me a fool...just don't call me late for dinnah...

take my word/i'm a madman don't you know...

well i got some chestnuts after all, a little glazed, as i am after my

faccsimile sangüibin dinner- venison along w/ th chestnuts, & these li'l

kartoffel(potato) croquettes that musta had some salty cheese in 'em


they tasted like almojábanas-

ok, for th tropical-culture impaired, almojábanas are...rice-flour &

cheese fritters...but i'll have to check th authority, carmen aboy

valdejuli's 'cocina criolla' cookbook, when i get home to make sure there

isn't any other crucial ingredient- like coconut milk or cornmeal- mixed


so, it was venison as i wd've bet on- my totem animal sacrifice, just as


thanksgiving of '98, my first thanksgiving @ a restaurant- this is my

second, i guess...i'll need some time to figure how many thanksgivings


actually spent stateside, how many on th european shores of th


(tail end of thanksgiving wkend, near sunday midnight...)

farewell images: a little 'macdrive' neon sign atop a typical euro

event-poster column...menorahs in all six windows of a house...a world

globe, lit from within, in another...i get on th train tomorrow, just

after four in th afternoon, pulling into hamburg hauptbanhof just


eight-thirty in th evening...

after driving out to gelmeroda for a look @ th town's lit-up church,


lyonel feininger painted & painted again & again & @ th 'neufert box',

honoring th designs & work of architect ernst neufert, peter droppd me



gasthausbrauerei felsenkeller, th local micro(?)brewery, owned by th

deinhardt family, who have been in th biz for a few generations & more


one location @ an earlier time...tried th seasonal bock- weinachtsbier, &

then their hungry & had a a salad & a half- a few too many


& red kidney beans fresh from th can around some sauteed wild duck breast

strips, then some smoked trout on a little salty pancake...i was a


to want to try th second dish, even th half-portion ended up leaving me


blame it on th duck or th beans or th heavily-vinegared cocktail onions &

pickles- (*not*gherkins)

okay...amore, amore-d=(8{>