December 12, 1999

what a long/strange trip it's been...

tired of flying solo...

when th road/has bn too lonely/& th night/has bn too long...

like a long/lonely stream/i keep rolling towards a dream...

gotta find me/a place in th sun...

nowhere to run/nowhere to hide...

last night i hit my self-pitying bottom after nearly two weeks of visiting


trying to meet or reaching out to th wrong people @ th wrong time...

not th season for attempting to bring good cheer w/ short, unexpected


alex in hamburg was anxiously insomniac anticipating a big oral economic

theory exam & he wd wake me up w/ a shout whenever i wd start to snore...

i didn't get much sleep on th train to wiesbaden- there was a change to a

rickety suburban trainin frankfurt @ five-thirty in th morning- & kerstin,

economist & planner w/ a mortgage bank, seemd to be under th weather- heavy

emotional weather, it seemed- so after cooking her some lentil soup, i got


th night train to paris- where emanuelle was too busy choreographing a show

to get together for a cup of coffee. i got a run in around my old parc de

buttes-chaumont route on th sunday of my arrival. on thursday, before


taking another night train to amsterdam, i struggled w/ th madly shopping

crowds to walk from th 19th, down thru le marais & my first look @ th place

des vosges & th fancier parts of paris, until i found la madeleine, circled

it, & walkd back w/a stop for dinner in le marais- shouldered my backpack &

walkd to th gare du nord...i finally got another run in, th very thursday


my arrival in amsterdam, mostly th herrengracht half-circle, turning back @

th amstel, then, not finding th hotel because i cut back to th singel @ th

level of th radhuis, running down th singel to where it meets leidsestraat


back again...i want to try to run again today, hope th drizzle stays


w/ no direction/home

like a complete unknown

like a rolling stone

abrazos, dabizzet.j=(8{>