December 15, 1999

it's a wonderful town!

i fly into this burg, my energy goes up, my libido goes up...

gotta do th errands re.: car rental- it seems to be so much more expensive


rent w/in manhattan, meaning i'd need to pack stuff for a few days, take a

subway or bus or train out to bklyn, connecticut or jersey & then drive for

ten to twelve hours to visit david & megan down in virginia...

that's th plan, still...thought i'd get out of town before th wkend,


may as well relax a bit, commit to allowing mself a week @ th carlton-

there's an opening, a photo exhibit from a canadian artist who does

kitschy-erotic digital manipulations goes up this friday- not sure if in th

lobby or one of th rooms...

what else is new? lovely weather to leave amsterdam, told raul & his


fiancee natasha i was bringing th rain w/ me to nyc- ayayay- me & my big

mouth, i forget i have this power- it's been nasty weather here, but prfect

for getting over jetlag in a jiffy- today th clouds seem to be drying out &

i'll try to get an early, lighter lunch @ th local irish pub, mccormack's &

be out running before th five o'clock rush hour begins? ...or after sunset,

'round six...

i'll be shortening my list of those who get th newsletter draft, as i can

upload (thru my friend david sower @ in virginia) to my developing

webpage, (which david put up for me!) & allow firends,

family & public @ large read ad libitum, @ their leisure...

see you there!

oh, & i also have an offer from hugo arizmendi to help w/ some graphics!

life goes on & we get better @ it...?

luvluv, dabizzet.j=(8{>