Grounding the virtual realm,
retracing age-old footpaths
to rest at home in the motion of desire

It all began with my decision to write to friends & family regularly just over a year ago. Actually this started with my sense of frustration at not being able to easily put the material resources inherited from my mother to what seem to me glaringly obvious positive, generous, world-healing uses: five acres of farmland that lay fallow & increasingly surrounded by the commercial & neo-suburban sprawl between Vega Baja & Manati, the century-old Sobrino-Perez family home in La Guardia, own, more personal screenplay adaptation & film project- all tied by an enduring sense of lack of closure six years after my mother's death, & a growing sense that I need to not merely assume, but actively & positively engage my deeply mixed feelings about religion as the institutionalisation of the realm of alogical, experiential insight into the purpose & meaning of existence known as spirituality.

The idea of walking the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella arises as a way to bring together as many as possible of these concerns, ideas, questions, issues...bring my metphors down to earth & spool & parcel them out...

- David Rodriguez